3 Valentines Day Gifts For Anime Lovers (Plus Tips To Make It Perfect)

We've been asked this question so many times, we figured it was time to create a post about it. Even if you aren't an otaku, chances are there's someone in your life who loves anime. So whether you're shopping for yourself or someone else, here is the best Valentines Day gift idea!

To get the best gift, its good to ask the right questions first - what is Valentines day and how can I make it special? Valentines day is a day to show your loved one how much you care - and getting an anime portrait for them shows just that! We highly recommend viewing our site to get ideas and tips on how to get the most out of your anime portrait.

Have you always wanted to give your Anime loving girlfriend or boyfriend a perfect Valentines day gift but were at a loss of what to get? And did you also struggle with trying to make it as special as possible? Well look no further, we have the special Anime Valentines day gifts that will show your loved one how much you care - and below is also practical tips on how to make them an even more unforgettable gift!

You know that anime lovers come in all ages and genders - so no matter who you are shopping for this will certainly be the right gift idea. Whether it be a girlfriend, boyfriend, brother, sister or even daughter, here are the best Anime Valentines Day gifts out of the thousands on offer this year!


  1. Get Turned Anime!

Getting your loved one turned into their favourite anime is a thoughtful gift, our artists are professional anime portrait artists and have created every style from Hunter x Hunter, to Demon Slayer, Pokemon, Dragon Ball and everything inbetween! You can have a portrait of yourself and your loved one created in a style that means something and is special to you - which makes not only a unique gift but a memory that can last a life time. The other key is that you have the flexibility to create it how you want, for example a portrait that can be just them, perhaps styled as their favourite character, or you together, all the ways through to a portrait of your family, friends and pets! If you opt to simply get the digital version, you can then also give it to them at a moments notice - plus lets you purchase last-minute if you are needing to aswell. We have a range of content styles, however if you want something to be a general anime style, or have an image you want to upload as an example of what you want then we recommend our style for all anime.

2. Print your anime portrait

Once you have ordered your anime portrait and we have delivered the art piece to your email inbox, you can then use this digital copy to print it locally onto whatever you want! Whether it is a canvas, mug, t shirt, or the always-popular framed photo-print. Our digital-first product gives you the flexibility to get the file emailed to you, and then for you to get it printed at a store local to you. In many ways this is also more sustainable as there is less shipping involved.

3. Get a gift card!

A gift card can be the gift that keeps on giving - as with many anime lovers, they can be particular and specific about the exact styling and background they would like - and this gives them that freedom so they can select the pose, background, styling and pieces of their art that make it unique!


3 tips to make your anime portrait perfect!

  1. For the anime ultra fan

    The best part about being an anime fan is that there are so many possibilities when it comes to what you can get drawn! There are tons of different characters, worlds and adventures that can be translated into a unique piece of art from our artists. Be sure to include details such as a prop you want included, a special pose you like or clothing you love.

  2. For the pet lover:

    Put simply: Pet lovers love their animals! Give them something they can treasure as a reminder of their furry companions. Our artists can draw their favorite pet in any style they please, whether they're inspired by different anime styles, cartoons or just their imagination.

  3. Artists tip:

    If you have a specific style in mind, upload it as one of the photos you submit! For example, if you'd like a realistic portrait and have examples of other pet portraits that you like, send those along with your order so our artists can see the level of detail and realism you prefer. Or if realism is the complete opposite of what you are after, and want your friendly furry turned into a vicious monster, we can do that too!


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