7 reasons why: Best Anime Christmas Present!

Finding the perfect Christmas present can be hard, right!?

Turning Anime is the best gift you could get for someone who loves anime - and to do so, simply click here and get started! To have a preview of what we have done in the past, be sure to follow us on instagram too: @turnedanime_

But just why is it the best Christmas gift for someone who loves anime? Let us tell you!

1. It gives them a personalised Christmas gift

2. It puts them into their favourite anime style, making for a very memorable Christmas!

3. It is the gift that keeps giving - once you give them the file, they can then choose to get it printed and put into a photo frame, onto a canvas, onto a mug or perhaps even onto a t - shirt!

4. Creative use! Once you give them their piece of art, there are also multiple FREE applications that they can use it for also - such as using it as their profile photo on different accounts online from reddit and twitch to Instagram or Facebook, or even using it as their background on their phone or computer.

5. They feel special. Even if anime isn't your 'thing' but it is theirs, this lets you get them something to show them even though you are not into it, you appreciate them and their passion ❤️❤️

6. It is a unique way to include their pets! We know how important a pet can become, and what they mean to you - especially when they are often a companion during hard times - or perhaps good times, like when they watched anime together! If they have more than one special pet, they can be included in the artwork too :)

7. It is completely customizable! From the style of anime, to what they are wearing, through to props and even just the pose they are in - everything can be made unique to their piece of art. For ideas of different poses to try, click here!

As part of your custom art piece, you are able to select a background - they have  got all the anime backdrops you could ever want, including specific scenes from your favourite anime, or classics that are incredibly popular - with genres including shounen, shoujo, seinen, josei & yuri. What are you waiting for? Get conjuring up some stunning artwork!

The Turned Anime artists are the best at what they do. They have watched countless hours of anime across all different styles and genres to ensure that the art they create is accurate to the different styles, yet is able to be personalised to best represent your own characteristics / the characteristics of who you are buying it for. They also have the unique ability to be able to create anything into an anime style - whether it is your favourite characters from Harry Potter, or perhaps even Star Wars!

To ensure you get the most out of your gift, we recommend including the pose you think they would like the most, as well as the clothes/ outfit you want the character to have. To make it 100% how you are envisioning, be sure to attach an image that gives them an example of how you would like to look!

This is also the perfect Christmas present as it can be turned around quickly! Especially with international shipping times being at an all time high, the fact that our artists are usually able to turn most digital art pieces around within a week makes it a perfect option... whether you are early or running late! But be sure you get in while you can - they are known to receive many orders before Christmas and can only do so many.
Get Turned Anime today! Click here and get started! Also be sure to follow us on instagram too: @turnedanime_
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