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Anime me!

Create your own anime avatar with Turned Anime; by uploading photos, providing a description of everything you want in it such as jewellery, clothing and pose, then our artists will create your artpiece!

Our artists will turn your photo into anime in 3-5 days at the moment. Also you can describe everything you want in it such as jewellery, clothes and pose, etc to ensure when you ask us to 'anime me' we really turn you into the exact anime look and style that you want.


Let our talented artists create a unique anime scene. The ordering process goes as follows:


Select Number of People & Pets!

This one is simple - select the amount of people/pets you want in your art piece - this can be up to five people. If you want more that is definitely achieveable, but please reach out to us via email :) .

Select layout!

This is one of the most important decisions - the easiest (and best) option is to select full body as it gives you the freedom to do any of these following options: Portrait is best used as an option to create an aesthetic anime profile picture (pfp) as it is simply the neck up, which is perfect for any social platforms from instagram and facebook through to reddit and twitch! The next option is half body. This is a popular option as it is slightly cheaper than full body, and still provides great detail and a beautiful art piece. The final option of full body is perfect as it can give you the best visual for your art piece, but also gives the options to zoom in / crop it down if you do want to use it as a profile picture aswell!

Choose background!

This one is another important, yet simpler decision - because you can simply choose what you like best! We have a range of pre-designed backgrounds that you can select from that include the forest, desert, day sky, and night sky. You will also notice that on each of the different styles we have, there are special backgrounds that are only available for that type of style.

Give us a Description!

Here you can give a description of what you want and the details you like. clothings and accessories, positions, hair colour, favourite jewellery, the list goes on! The more details you provide in this section, the more detailed and personalised your unique artwork will be able to be created by our artists!

Upload photos!

Upload any example scenes or looks that you like and provide us with a description of what you would like included in your artpiece. We'll work with you to finalise your scene, making changes if needed, however please be aware that any changes after you order may require additional charges. Uploading photos of yourself as well as the look / design of the characters and scene you like is something of a cheat code here as it lets us know exactly the look and feel you are after! 

Want $5 off?

The last decision you will make before purchasing is whether you want $5 off! To get this, simply tick a box that gives permission for us to show your images on our instagram and ads. Plus you can leave your handle so we can tag you :)

Once your order is finished, we'll send you a high-quality print-ready file for you to print and enjoy for years to come. Turn me anime now by visiting and getting your personalised artwork!

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