Love Anime? Love Animals? Get your pet made into anime!

Here at Turned Anime, we proudly create beautiful art in many (pretty much any!) styles. This includes everything from popular themes and styles that you like from live action such as Harry Potter or even Star Wars, through to popular anime styles - and even not so well known anime styles!

We often hear from people - can you ' turn me anime ' ? - and the answer is always : yes!!! But we can also do one better. We know how important pets are. Our team have many and they are important pieces of our lives - so we can always understand when someone wants to get Turned Anime with their pet. 

Getting your pet turned anime is an excellent gift for any dog lover, cat lover or any pet for that matter, our team have created art including everything from hamsters to horses! 

The process is the same as with multiple people, simply select how many people and pets you want in the image and be sure to upload photos of your beloved pet so that we can make sure we get their best features included in your art piece :) . 

Turn yourself into anime with an anime portrait of yourself and your pet and create a memory that will last a life time!  You could:

- Get your anime portrait put onto canvas

- Use your anime portrait as a background on your computer or phone

- Create multiple anime portraits

- Create a true family anime portrait with your full family, and all your pets!

Our artists love to know about the personality of the pet too! So please be sure to not just include photos and perhaps a pose idea, but also let us know about them - are they cheeky, are they shy - all of these details are important and we will do our best to include it when we turn you into anime


If you ever have any ideas or questions, don't hesitate to drop us a message <3

Get Turned Anime today! Click here and get started! Also be sure to follow us on instagram too: @turnedanime_ <3

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